What is the NJ Summer Reading Program?

The New Jersey Summer Reading Program, coordinated by the New Jersey Statewide Summer Reading Committee and sponsored by both the NJ Library Association and the New Jersey State Library, encourages the people of New Jersey to read for fun during the summer and assists library staff in collecting information on how to make their summer reading programs the best they can be. The NJ Summer Reading Program's website maintains a directory of performers, program ideas for children, teens and adults, information about discounts for summer reading prizes, registration information for summer reading workshops, and a survey link for statistics from your program. The Committee presents programs at the NJLA conference and other Statewide conferences. The liaison from the State Library and the committee chairs maintain a relationship with CSLP and represent New Jersey at the CSLP annual conference. The program also has a presence on Facebook and Pinterest.


What is the Collaborative Summer Library Program?

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is a grassroots consortium of 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Mariana Islands and Saipan. Through a variety of committees, manuals are created and themes, slogans, artwork and illustrators are selected. Incentives and other products are developed and organization and membership information is updated and maintained. The CSLP is governed by a Board of Directors and each member state is represented by a delegate/state representative who votes on behalf of the interests of the state. The CSLP website allows any New Jersey public library access to special features and an online order form, but you now must follow the easy registration process to access the membership area of the website. Any New Jersey public library staff member is eligible to use the registration system to access this members-only area.


What artwork can I use to promote my Summer Reading Program?

Each manual that is sent to all public libraries in the state has an accompanying DVD which includes full artwork for all four levels of the summer reading program. The artwork included on the DVD is for in-library use only. If a library is going to partner with another organization or agency in its community, the artwork found on the posters and/or DVD cannot be given to the partner organization or agency. This would be in violation of the CSLP Rules of Use policies. For more information on what is permissible and non-permissible please visit the CSLP website's Rule of Use page. All artwork that is posted on library websites or social media sites must be removed by October 1 of the calendar year.


When are the workshops held?

Summer Reading workshops are held regionally throughout the state during the month of March. Registration information can be found on the Summer Reading website as soon as it becomes available. Registration begins in early February each year.


Why do I have to submit statistics at the end of my summer programs?

The Summer Reading Committee collects statistics from all public libraries in NJ. These statistics are reported to the State Librarian and the NJLA office. These statistics are imperative to the health of the NJ Summer Reading Program and are used as the basis for future grant funding. Statistics are also a very important part of the on going quest to prove the importance of public libraries. A link to submit statistics will be always be available by August 15th on our website, and will remain active into September.


When can I expect my manuals, banner, posters and bookmarks?

Manuals are shipped from the State Library and usually are delivered to membership late in October or by mid November. Banners, posters and bookmarks are shipped directly to your library from CSLP's authorized vendor. (Upstart/Highsmith) These materials arrive in the spring.


Why do I need to register to use the new website?

Registration is required to access the NJ Summer Reading website for several reasons. First of all, both spam and inappropriate content on the forum have been issues in the past. Secondly, the committee works tirelessly to compile book, DVD, and web resource lists, plus additional programs for the benefit of librarians in New Jersey public libraries. These materials are for the exclusive use of public libraries, not vendors, performers, or presenters.


Who is eligible to register to use the website?

Public library employees in the state of New Jersey are eligible to register to use the website.


How can I join the Summer Reading Committee?

Joining the Summer Reading Committee is easy! Just contact the committee chairs at njlasummerreading@gmail.com. The Committee begins their work in September, than meets monthly to prepare for the programs. In March we present our workshops, and do not meet again until it's time to start planning for next year. Meetings are at the Franklin Township Public Library in Somerset, NJ. If you are interested in joining the committee please email us!