About the New Jersey Summer Reading Committee

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The New Jersey Summer Reading Committee is sponsored by both the NJ Library Association and the NJ State Library. Our main mission is to provide the public library staff in New Jersey with information about all of the free and helpful things available to them when organizing their summer reading programs, as well as to spark creativity and share knowledge around the state to help make summer reading an inspirational and motivating life event for the people of New Jersey.
We hold workshops every March. These workshops give lots of information about a variety of summer reading related topics (programming, crafts, outreach, and more) and also provide a time for networking and sharing with other librarians. We update our website with everything presented at our workshops, adding things we didn’t have time to cover as well as new information that comes out during the spring. We also have a facebook page where librarians can share pictures and ideas, and can ask questions. We also send out fun updates through our facebook page.
We also encourage all libraries to submit their summer reading statistics at the end of the summer. These statistics are given to the State Library and are important in the constant quest to prove the importance of libraries. By August 15th each year, this page will contain a link to submit your statistics.
The committee also presents programs at NJLA and other statewide conferences. The liaison from the State Library and the chairs of the committee maintain a relationship with CSLP (Collaborative Summer Library Program) and represent the state of New Jersey at the CSLP annual meeting.